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THE COMPLETE PHYSICIAN'S Blueprint to Creating Financial Freedom With Residential Assisted Living Facilities

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$15,000 Per Month

That’s how much money just ONE Residential Assisted Living property can generate in net income - every single month.

How would an extra $10,000 or $15,000 a month transform your life?

Would you still work insane hours like you have been? Would you pay off your student loans early? Or would you switch to a lower-stress, higher impact position - where you can spend more time working with patients and less time on administrative work? Or would you spend time with your family, finally pick up those hobbies you haven't been able to pursue, or go on that dream vacation? Residential Assisted Living communities, or RALs for short, can give you the freedom to practice medicine the way you want to. Not because you have to.

But It’s Not Just About the Money

If you’re like me you got into the medical field because you wanted to help people, and helping seniors in your own RALs is a perfect extension of that.

It’s a great opportunity to make an impact by providing seniors with safe, beautiful housing and personalized care - especially in their most vulnerable, golden years. And now is the perfect time to start because the “Silver Tsunami'' isn't just coming…

The “Silver Tsunami” is Already Here

According to the US Census Bureau, by 2040, the number of Americans aged 65 and older will more than double. There are over 75 Million Baby Boomers out there, and the oldest won’t even reach their 80s for another decade - which is the typical age at which they will enter assisted living. Therefore, we are only on the rising tide of demand for assisted living.

But even today, the demand for senior living communities greatly outweighs the supply - and it’s only going to increase! This makes Residential Assisted Living a recession proof business that’s independent of market cycles. Seniors will always need assistance in their daily living beyond a certain age and the nation needs high-quality RAL facilities to provide that assistance to them.

10,000 People Turn 65 Every Day!

And you're the perfect person to provide this support while making a healthy profit because...

You Have a Huge Advantage in This Industry

When it comes to this industry you have a big advantage over your competitors, and that means you can provide a higher quality of care for your residents, while also making a great return. It’s an easy way to differentiate your facility from other homes in the area and create higher quality care to help seniors live longer, stronger, and healthier.

So what is this advantage?

It’s the fact that you’re a medical professional, of course!

It's one of the key reasons we were able to grow to owning 10+ RAL homes as rapidly as we did with leveraging of our physician partners!

How Does This Advantage Work?


Physician Oversight

Families prefer care homes with physician oversight. More so than anything. They want their parents to reside in a home with close medical oversight because they can rest easier knowing that a doctor is only a phone call or short visit away. And because of this, these homes are able to save residents from so many unnecessary, costly, and tiring ER trips or hospitalizations.


Health Technologies

Additionally, as a physician you can make use of many health technologies and medical services that can only be prescribed by physicians for seniors with chronic care issues. This allows you to not only have closer oversight on your residents’ health conditions, but to also generate extra revenue.


High Demand

That's why physician-run homes will remain in high demand regardless of where you open them. You will find that your homes will fill quicker, have waiting lists, and you will set a new bar for homes in the community to emulate. Families understand the tremendous value and credibility physicians bring to the table and are even willing to spend more to house their parents in such homes.

The Complete A to Z Guide to RAL Investing

When I started out in this niche, I realized there was nothing out there that provided the complete blueprint to starting and running a successful RAL community.
There were bits and pieces here and there, but I had to figure out most things through trial and error and I don’t want you to have to do the same.
That’s why in this masterclass I’ll guide you through every step of the process - from finding the right real estate, finding the right partners, building out your team, running the business successfully, and much more.
I’ll show you the exact strategies that worked for us and help you avoid the ones that didn’t. I’ll teach you marketing strategies and how to leverage your background in medicine to create high quality homes to help your seniors live healthier and stronger.
Here’s a quick look at what’s included inside:

You’ll see all the mistakes I’ve made and how you can avoid them, but more importantly, I’ll teach you the exact steps to take so you can create your own, thriving Residential Assisted Living community.


Module One

Why Get into Senior Assisted Living?

This module provides a critical foundation to getting started in RAL. We’ll go over the opportunity in senior assisted living, the one KEY aspect that could be the difference between success and failure, and how you can get started even if you don’t have that much capital. (We started two RAL care homes with only about $25K each!)

Module Two

Real Estate: Understanding the Real Estate Opportunity in Senior Living Care Homes

This module is all about the real estate and property side of an RAL - including renovation strategies, acquisition strategies, and in-depth guides to every step of the process. You’ll get detailed breakdowns of different strategies of getting into the RAL space. I will share real-life examples of renovation budgets, and a concrete process to do due-diligence so you don’t overpay for your RAL. Finally we will cover the various financing strategies on how you can acquire your first RAL.

Module Three

Effective RAL Operations

Having a great team is key to running a successful RAL, but hiring the right people can be incredibly hard. That’s why in this module I’ll walk you through the exact process you can use to hire for every single position - from the manager and administrator to the caregivers. You’ll also get step-by-step processes on how to get licensed no matter what state you reside in. We will break down all the steps you will need to know what needs to prepared so the State licensing department can sign you off correctly - the first time. Finally, I will teach you how we utilize numerous marketing strategies we use to keep a near full occupancy rate across all of our homes. While many other homes in our region have struggled to stay afloat, our homes have consistently outperformed our expectations. .

Module Four

Leveraging Your Medical Expertise into Your RAL

Help your residents thrive and live safer (live longer and stronger) There are numerous personal health technologies, 3rd party services, and service organizations you can use if you’re a physician to further care for your residents. In this module I’ll go over the best options I’ve found and how you can make them work for you. Using remote health tech, you can closely track the health of your residents while also generating extra passive income - without becoming their primary care provider! It won’t matter what your speciality is in medicine having your medical license will allow you to tap into these service. By implementing some of these strategies, you will learn how this will set your home lightyears apart from the competition to the point your RALs will be setting a new standard for others in your area to emulate!

Module Five

Growth Strategies, Case Studies, & More

Want to know the exact revenues and operational costs behind my RALs? What about the powerful strategies I used to grow and acquire them? This module contains a lot of insider information you will not find anywhere else. Did you know once you have your first RAL up and running you will not need much additional revenues to get your 2nd and 3rd started? With just 2-3 RALs you can be financially independent, and I’ll show you how I accomplished that goal within 5 years!
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But That’s Not All!

I cover a lot of content in the videos but I wanted to overdeliver which is why you’ll also get exclusive documents to speed up the process and make the complex process of creating policies, procedures, and licensing agreements much easier.
Here’s what you’ll get inside:

A comprehensive resource guide that supplements the course and has additional course information from renovations, to licensing and marketing strategies

(nearly 200 pages of information expanding on all sections of each module.)

A resident lease agreement document - utilize this as a model to set up a lease agreement between your home and your future residents

Policies and procedures for running a successful RAL community - the backbone documentation for all RALs and Assisted Living Facilities around the country

Information on specific licensing requirements that encompasses all 50 states.

Two Private Strategy Sessions with myself upon course completion so you can start your next steps. (Growth package has 1 session)

Access to an exclusive Inner Circle group and Monthly Webinar Series for ongoing support and education x 1 year. (Prestige Package)

Additional information on tax strategies, leveraging health tech, acquisition strategies, case studies, and much, much more!

Listen to Dr. Krishnan Discuss RAL Investing



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img I recently completed Dr. Krishnan’s Residential Assisted Living webinar and course and was unaware of the potential for growth in this field. As a full-time physician, I could never wrap my mind around how I would find time to take the first step into this arena. But after his step-by-step instruction, I feel that I am ready to move forward in opening up my first RAL. I appreciate the fact that I can simultaneously provide a service to my patients and open the door to financial freedom. Take his course; You won’t regret it!
— Dr. S. Natarajan, MD
img Excellent faculty, clear and concise! I appreciate Sendhil’s conversational style and candor in helping me better understand the RAL and ALF space. Real estate investing is an entirely new beast for me and Sendhil helped walk it through from the basics. With MDSL's help I have partnered and now own two cash flowing RAL homes - thanks Sendhil and the team!
— Dr. Sandeep, MD
img Dr. Krishnan and the MDSL Academy were instrumental in getting me started in my investing journey. His educational resources as well coaching sessions really guided me in understanding the fundamentals of investing starting with the absolute basics. I was better able to understand the fundamentals of different investment vehicles and I fell in love with RAL and this niche. I was able to see MDSL homes in operation directly, and the level of professional, enthusiasm and care they provide to their seniors is just inspiring. Investing in RALs (and ultimately joining the MD Senior Living organization) was the best thing I ever did for my financial future! Thank you so much for your help, patience, and sharing your wisdom!
— Dr. M. Ranat, MD
img Dr. Sendhil Krishnan is the pioneer of MD owned and operated residential assisted living for seniors and his knowledge and experience in this field is invaluable.
I first came across his work when I listened to the ‘Rich Doc Poor Doc’ podcast in February 2022. I was inspired and motivated after listening to his mission to serve our elderly population while running a very profitable business. A few days later, I decided to listen to the podcast again and research Dr. Krishnan's background - that is when I realized he was my senior resident in 2006 at the University of South Florida when I was an intern. Soon after I sent him an email commending his great work and success in assisted living as well as inquiring about how I can get into the business.
Dr. Krishnan has been an integral part of my residential assisted living journey. I have read all his Bigger Pockets posts and attended his MD Senior Living educational course which provided me guidance, knowledge, and motivation to pursue my goal of creating MD owned and operated senior living facilities in Northern California. I am currently in contract to purchase a residential assisted living home and Dr. Krishnan continues to provide support and guidance to ensure optimal success.
I can not say enough about how Dr. Krishnan has inspired, guided, and encouraged me to get to where I am today. I now look forward to opening the doors to my own residential assisted living home to help seniors live quality lives.
I strongly encourage anyone interested in getting into residential assisted living to follow the guidance of Dr. Sendhill Krishnan. He is an integral and invaluable part of my journey.
— Raj
Raj Kalra MD
San Francisco Bay Area
img As a general surgeon with limited time, Dr. Krishnan’s personalized guidance helped me enter into the RAL space. The team has been knowledgeable….You will not be disappointed and the value has been tremendous. I chose to ultimately invest with the MDSL team because of their professionalism, their attention to details, and the amazing compassion their team shows towards their senior residents. I cannot rave enough about them and if you are even slightly considering this amazing niche, I strongly encourage you to stop thinking and just do!
— Dr. Harish Yalamanchili
General Surgery,
Pomona, CA
img My wife and I have attended Sendhil’s Residential Assisted Living webinars and teachings. We were both very impressed with the quality and high-yield content that he delivered. His teaching style is engaging and his advice is actionable. He has a deep understanding of the operations of RALs and walks you through all the steps from start to finish. We aim to own our own RALs, and his course is just what we need to take the next steps!
— Dr. Jack Temple, MD

Meet Your Instructor

Dr. Sendhil Krishnan is a board certified Interventional Cardiologist in Southern California and co-founder of MD Senior Living, one of Arizona's largest providers of high quality Residential Assisted Living Facilities. 

Dr. Krishnan brings his passion for elder care and expertise in real estate and has helped numerous physicians and health care professionals achieve financial freedom by learning the strategies and blueprint to help create their own RAL facilities. His long term vision is to have a network of high quality assisted living homes across the country, led by medical entrepreneurs sharing best practices and polices across the homes.

Dr. Sendhil Krishnan, M.D.

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  • Bonus Video Content
  • Certificate of Completion
  • One 30 Minute Follow Up Strategy Call After Course Completion



  • (Access to everything in Growth)
  • Complete Lifetime Access to the Program
  • Downloadable Audio Files for Each Lesson
  • Lifetime Access to Digital Downloads, Worksheets, and Exercises
  • 5 Modules of Course Content
  • 41 Video Lessons
  • 5+ Hours of Video Education
  • Bonus Video Content
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Access to Facebook Group
  • Future Bonus Video content
  • Financial Suite Pro Forma Excel Calculator
  • Access to Ongoing Exclusive Inner Support Private Group x 12 months
  • Two 30 Minute Follow Up Strategy Calls - Upon Course Completion and 3-6 Months in to Check Progress
  • Access to Monthly Live Webinars and Q&As “Ask Me Anything” Sessions

14 Day Guarantee

I know the material in this course works… but I also know you can’t know that for sure until you’re inside the course. That’s why you can join now, check it out, and if you’re unsatisfied for any reason just email me within 14 days for a complete refund.

  • The question might seem silly, but of course wealth and freedom now is preferable to getting it 30 years from now!
  • But is what you’re doing now aligned with this “obvious” answer? Or are you simply grinding away towards a distant, far off future?
  • But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your present for the future forever.
  • Someday you’ll have to decide “NOW is the future I’ve been working towards for so long” and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

And with RALs that day can come a lot sooner than you might think.

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Does This Mean You Shouldn’t Invest in the Stock Market?

Not necessarily.
Over the years, I’ve invested in numerous types of real estate endeavors as well as the usual stock and index funds. When I say numerous real estate, I really mean a variety - from being part of passive projects (syndications, to long term single family homes), as well as many active projects (fix and flips, STRs, and even multiple new construction/development projects) - you name it, I’ve done it - and still do to keep a diversified portfolio.
And while some of these are great for building wealth for the long-term, nothing comes close to the steady, consistent, high returns that a single RAL can generate year after year. Just think about the risk profile of many of the high risk, high reward investments that are out there - yes Bitcoin made millionaires the last few years, but it also wiped out many more seemingly overnight. Volatility is inherent in many investment classes, especially in uncertain economic environments.

My preferred method is creating large cash flow using RALs and then using the profits to scale and open more facilities - while also diversifying into other assets.

Now, I know this might bring up another question:

If The Returns Are So Great… Is This Super Risky?

It’s true operating an RAL facility isn’t as simple as just taking your money and putting it into index funds. However a well organized and structured RAL will mitigate a lot of your risks. Yes, licensing and operating can seem to be an onerous process...but only if you don't know what you are doing. The barriers are entry seem higher, but guess what?

That’s Good!

That’s exactly what you want. You want to keep the bar a little higher which ultimately means you will be providing a higher quality product, and keeping out the general riff-raff that tends to invest in the “easy” things. There are a million flippers in town, because it’s easy to do - but there are only a few operators in the RAL space.

I know you may be skeptical but there’s a continuum from something that appears to be a risk when in fact, it could be an investment - and there’s a way to move the odds of success in your favor.

For Me it’s Knowledge + Control

First - you have to have knowledge about what you’re doing - which is where this course comes in. It’s designed as a complete and comprehensive course so you can learn all aspects and nuances of starting and/or acquiring your own RAL.

Second -you have to have control over what you’re investing in. If you own a Residential Assisted Living Facility, you have control over all aspects of the business.
You choose how you run and operate it. You can control who you hire. You can control the real estate and add value-add renovations that will increase its appraised value. You can cut expenses and increase the business’ operating expenses. Again, all of this is covered in the course. With assets like the stock market, Bitcoin, or even syndications, you actually have little to no control over its performance - now tell me which one seems riskier?

I'll teach you how to hire the right staff so they can manage the licensing and operational aspects. The day to day operations will be handled by your staff.  You get to be the director of your RAL and discover just how passive you can become with a properly structured business.

If all this gets you your own RAL opened within 6 months and financial freedom within just a few years, would it be worth it?

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Get the Course Now!

Jack & Nabeelah Temple's Journey

Dr. Jack & Nabeelah were looking for the perfect real estate investment strategy in which to find financial freedom. They talk about how the knowledge and confidence they gained from the MD Senior Living Academy allowed them to get comfortable in the RAL sphere.


Dr. Rajesh Kalra

Dr. Raj is a PM&R  specialist in the SF Bay Area. Inspired by the RAL concept Dr. Raj became his own administrator and now seeking to start his own RAL in northern California. He is under contract on his first RAL which has the potential to generate high revenues, while he gets to use his background in PM&R and pain management to better serve his residents.  


Dr. Jaspreet Singh

After searching for the best real estate investment opportunity, Dr. Singh became highly enthusiastic of RALs and flew down to visit our homes and operations team in Scottsdale, AZ. He has made it a goal to close on his first RAL before year's end which will help secure not only his financial independence, but as well as his family members.