Understanding Assisted Living Facilities and Care Homes: A Comparison

Nov 27, 2023

An assisted living facility (ALF) and a care home, also referred to as a residential care home or personal care home, both fall under the category of senior housing. They provide essential support and assistance with daily activities for older adults who require help with certain tasks but do not demand the constant medical care found in nursing homes.


Typically, assisted living facilities offer a wide array of services, encompassing meals, housekeeping, transportation, and aid with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) like dressing, bathing, and medication management.


On the other hand, a care home delivers accommodation and personal care services to older adults who can no longer live independently. These services often include meals, housekeeping, and assistance with ADLs.


One significant distinction between a large ALF and a care home is the extent of medical care and supervision provided. ALFs typically do not furnish medical care or round-the-clock supervision, whereas care homes often maintain staff availability 24/7 and may offer more extensive medical support.


Another differentiating factor lies in the level of independence and autonomy afforded to residents. ALFs generally enable residents to retain a higher degree of independence and control over their daily lives, whereas care homes may implement more structured schedules and routines.


At MD Senior Living Academy, our focus is primarily on smaller Residential Assisted Living (RAL) homes. In these settings, caregivers can deliver prompt, highly responsive care, while physician oversight ensures closer medical attention and supervision for residents.

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